Our Services: Executive Coaching

An Independent Coach can reflect ideas, evoke solutions and support their implementation in a way that few organisational insiders could ever do. Individual or One-to-One Coaching is ideal to work with executives and senior managers to develop themselves on issues that are unique to themselves.


Individual coaching is the best choice in the following scenarios:

  • Support for a new executive, senior manager or a recently promoted manager. Research suggests that 1 in 8 workers resign before getting to grips with a new role and the average worker needs a minimum of 5 months to become competent in a new job. Competency in a role is usually directly related to the levels of confidence felt. Coaching increases individual confidence and therefore reduces the time needed for competency to occur.
  • To provide extra recognition to high achievers and your organisation’s future leaders.
  • To help an individual meet Key Performance goals. To assist an individual to increase their confidence in their role, for example improving their presentation or public speaking skills.
  • Support for an individual who has personal, non-work related issues that are affecting his or her performance.