Our Services: Career Coaching

Why Choose Career Coaching?

Have you thought about what is important to you in your work life and career? Do you feel that you have all that you want in terms of job satisfaction and career progression? Do you feel that you have achieved all that you are capable of? What do you feel is possible for you to achieve now?


So what does a career coach do?

Quite simply, a coach helps their client to explore their present and design their future. They take a client from where they are to where they want to be by giving them more choice and resources to help them along their journey. A career coach will help you to identify and achieve your personal career goals and ambitions. Our goals are what drive us forward, they are what we want out of life and they often guide our daily routines.


The Coaching Relationship

Your coach will encourage you to take time to think about your options and solutions. Just think how wonderful it feels to have time devoted to someone listening to you and only you, and trusting that they are not thinking about their own agenda, thinking that what they have to say is far more important by interrupting you. Our coaching sessions are all about you!


The Career Coaching Process

It is good to remember that each journey starts with a single step, then another and another until you realise you have reached your destination. Sometimes along that path you will come across obstacles and things that may slow you down, however, coaching will enable you to think about those potential obstacles in advance and think about ways to overcome them or with resources and thought processes to equip you with ways to overcome unexpected obstacles so that whatever happens, one way or another you do remain on path to your destination.