Growing our onions!

We have had an exciting time in Class 1B so far this term!  Earlier in the Spring Term, we planted some onion bulbs. As they grew, we replanted them outside our classroom. Last week, we lifted the onions to have a look at how they had grown.

We also had a fantastic visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park where we learned about different animals and their original countries. The Year 1 children enjoyed seeing Giraffes, Rhinos, Tigers, Lions and an elusive Leopard. In the educational classroom, we learned about Polar Bear facts and how their habitat is being eroded by climate change. We learned about how wasting electricity is costing the Polar Bears their homes so we all made a pledge to ‘Pull the Plug for Polar Bears’  and we hope that you will join us in this pledge by turning your electronic gadgets off at the plug and switching lights off when they are not in use.

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Post Author: Rockingham