Please read our terms and conditions, fees and notes on So Why AI? (see bottom of page) First!

So you have decided to put your Mare in Foal – what happens next?

Book a Nomination to the Stallion of your choice – You do this by downloading our Nomination Form, fill it out as best you can and send it back to us with your Booking  deposit. This then confirms to us here, on stud, your intentions regarding your mare, it also helps us to plan our days and weeks ahead of time. Mares do still have the uncanny knack of doing the opposite to what we want but at least we can have an overall ‘game plan’ to work towards!

Download Nomination Form Mare Booking Form

Points to Note  It is advisable to have your mare CEM swabbed and EVA blood tested prior to breeding her. This is not a legal requirement when breeding but it is advised by BEVA and The Horse Racing Levy Board Guidelines, it helps to be informed of your mare’s health status. These tests are very routine and your vet can do them easily when he/she is out on other routine matters. The CEM test is done for you here on stud when your mare arrives with us, as part of the vets package as all our mares on stud are swabbed for CEM prior to breeding even for those being AI’d..


Option 1   AI AT HOME – You may choose this option for many reasons,  your mare may not travel for instance. This is a perfectly viable option  but please do enquire whether your regular vet actually does much stud work  – it may be worth considering another practise  or option if the answer is anything but a resounding yes, as this does require a certain degree of  specialist expertise to gain a pregnancy! If you do choose this option please keep us as updated as much you can with your mares’ cycle, so to enable us to send you semen at the right time. When your mare requires semen, please inform us by 6pm the day before you require a collection from our stallions. This then allows us to collect and post without breaking our necks to get it to you!

Options 2 USE A LOCAL SPECIALIST AI CENTRE – We may be too far away from you to send your mare to us but you may not have the time or wish to be too involved with the process. This choice enables you to confidently leave your mare in professional hands to gain a pregnancy on your behalf. The AI Centre would liaise directly with us.

Option 3   BRING HER TO US HERE ON STUD  –  It’s over to us! You book your mare in to board here with us and allow us to do what we are here for and gain a viable pregnancy for your mare. Our stud aims to get your mare in foal as quickly and easily as we can and back home with you as soon as possible. We do like to keep our mare owners  fully informed of progress – good or bad and equally do not mind you ringing to enquire – even on a daily basis if necessary! We have obtained a very competitive fixed price package from our vets this season to enable you to budget for the costs involved. This is not compulsory but if you have not bred before it is worth considering.

Option 4   WALK IN AI – You may choose this option if your mare has a hectic show schedule or you may not want her turned out. She can come just to be AI’d with the freshest possible semen akin to a ‘natural service’ and take her home straight away, or she can board here for the duration of her season and then go straight home.

Once your mare is home with you – there is very little left to do except leaving nature to do its job and for you to dream of  your new addition! We always advise our owners to have their mares checked by their vet prior to winter for management reasons. Please don’t name it (the foal) until he or she is standing looking at you!!

Any More Questions? – Please do not hesitate to call us – we are always pleased to try to help.


There are (at least!) six very good reasons to choose Artificial Insemination.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. You might find our frequently asked questions helpful too.

  1. Disease control
    The stallion and mare have no physical contact. Therefore the risk of infection to the mare for contracting any form of veneral disease is greatly reduced.
  2. Less risk for the stallion
    Reduced risk of injury to the stallion, mare and handlers. Because the stallion doesn’t mount a strange mare being kicked is avoided.
  3. Improved conception rate
    Semen can be stored and used at the time the closest to ovulation. Monitoring the mare whilst she is in season is vital to ensure that the insemination is timed correctly. When using chilled semen constant contact with the stallion owner is of great importance as this helps ensure that the semen arrives with the mare for insemination at the optimum time.
  4. More effective use of the collected semen
    The collected semen is diluted with nutrients and antibiotics and divided into portions in order to service more mares than only one. The semen can be checked more frequently for quality.
  5. Also for mares precluded from natural covering
    Mares that are more susceptible to post-covering uterine infections have a better chance of conceiving with artificial insemination. Also mares precluded from natural covering due to previous injuries can be artificially inseminated. Ideal for those that just won’t stand. (for the stallion)
  6. Distance is of no importance
    By making chilled semen available from a stallion it is possible to make stallions accessible to mares based at some distance from them. For many mare owners the use of chilled or frozen semen can open up a whole new genetic base not previously available to them thus helping to improve their existing bloodlines